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There is just something special about Kona coffee. First and foremost, coffee can only be designated as Kona coffee if it comes from the Kona region of Hawaii. Located on Big Island, this tropical region is ideal for growing premium coffee beans because of the favorable climate. Aloha Island coffee pods contain Kona coffee grown by Aloha Island Farms on the slopes of majestic Mauna Loa. Coffee pods are ideal for the discerning java enthusiast because they produce a fresh cup of perfectly brewed coffee in about sixty seconds.

The Aloha Island offers a variety of different coffee pods from which you can choose. No matter what your preference there is a coffee variety sure to please. The selection available includes:

Gold -- Private estate coffee for those who want the best

Bronze -- Smooth with a robust flavor

Platinum -- Premium coffee that is aromatic yet mild on the palate

Private Reserve Diamond -- Slightly smoky flavor with velvety smoothness

Medium Roast -- Easy to drink and ideal for any occasion

Dark Roast -- Rich and dark for lovers of full-bodied coffee

Espresso Roast -- The darkest coffee for espresso enthusiasts

Hazelnut -- Coffee infused with toasty hazelnut flavor

Chocolate Macadamia Nut -- Tropical nutty flavor and rich chocolate intermingled with premium coffee

French Vanilla -- Coffee with sweet, creamy vanilla

As you can see there is a variety of Aloha Island Kona coffee for everyone. Each of these coffee pods contain Kona coffee grown without pesticides. It also has low acidity which means it is gentle on the digestive system. Once you try one or more of these coffee pods you'll understand why Kona grown coffee is prized by coffee lovers everywhere.

Using Aloha Island coffee pods is a fast and easy way to prepare your daily brew. These pods are simply inserted into your single serve coffee machine coffee pod holder. Add the specified amount of water and with the touch of a button your coffee will brew to perfection. You'll be ready to enjoy a fresh cup of your favorite Kona coffee variety in about a minute with no mess to clean up. Just throw out the used pod and you're all set. It's easy to brew one cup after another and you can effortlessly change the flavor by choosing a different pod. So don't delay -- choose your favorite Aloha Island coffee pod variety today or try them all!


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