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If you are the owner of a Black and Decker Home Cafe coffee pod machine or plan to purchase one you'll need the right coffee pods. Folgers Home Cafe coffee pods are especially made for this particular single serve coffee machine. The coffee enclosed in these spill-proof pods is roasted to perfection by experts in the industry. If you already enjoy the taste of Folgers coffee you are sure to like the convenience and quality of Folgers Home Cafe coffee pods.

There are Home Cafe coffee pods for every occasion and every taste preference. Whether you want Classic Roast for a morning pick me up or French Vanilla for a sweet treat you'll have a fresh, hot cup of coffee made when you want it. You can even double up the pods if you like your coffee strong. The varieties available from Folgers include but are not limited to the following:

Classic Roast -- This variety is made from mountain grown beans for an incredible aroma and smooth flavor

Classic Roast Decaffeinated -- You get the same incredible flavor and aroma as original Classic Roast without the caffeine

French Vanilla -- The delightful creamy sweetness of vanilla meets smooth delicious coffee

100% Colombian -- Rich coffee with full-bodied taste straight from Colombia

Using any one of these coffee pods couldn't be easier. Just insert one or two pods of your choice into the pod holder on the Black and Decker Home Cafe and in about a minute you'll have a perfectly brewed cup of your favorite coffee. Cleaning up is so simple, as there are no coffee grinds to spill. Folgers coffee pods are mess-proof and give you a perfectly measured amount of coffee to go with the perfectly measured amount of water in your coffee maker. After using the coffee pod system you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner. Each cup is freshly made to perfection every time.

Your family and friends will love having coffee with you thanks to the Black and Decker Home Cafe and Folgers coffee pods. As you can see from the descriptions above there is something for everyone, from the flavored coffee lover to the decaf drinker.


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