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If you own a Black and Decker Home Cafe single serve coffee machine then you have lots of choices when it comes to your daily coffee. Coffee pods allow you to enjoy fresh, hot coffee brewed to perfection, one cup at a time. If you are someone who enjoys changing your coffee flavor according to your mood or you have several coffee lovers in your household then the coffee pod system is ideal for you.

With Home Cafe coffee pods you can enjoy coffee for every occasion with no mess. For example you might like Classic Roast for your morning brew and French Vanilla or Hazelnut Cream in the evening. There are a variety of different coffee pods to choose from, including:

Folgers Classic Roast -- The rich, smooth taste of Folgers made for your coffee machine

Folgers Classic Roast Decaffeinated -- You get the mountain grown flavor of Classic Roast with no caffeine

Folgers French Vanilla -- Rich Arabica coffee blended with sweet French vanilla

Folgers 100% Colombian -- Dark, aromatic, bold coffee harvested from Colombia

Millstone Colombian Supremo -- Another premium Colombian coffee with incredible flavor and aroma

Millstone French Roast -- This coffee is dark and rich, reminiscent of a Parisian cafe

Millstone Hazelnut Cream -- Vanilla, hazelnut and Arabica coffee blended to perfection

As you can see, the Home Cafe Brewer by Black and Decker can handle different types of coffee pods like the Millstone and Folgers coffee pods described above. Using these pods is so easy because you simply insert the pod of your choice into the holder. Add water, press the brewing button and in about one minute you've got a perfect cup of your favorite coffee. Cleaning up is hassle-free because the coffee grinds are safely enclosed inside the pod, which means no spillage.

When you order Home Cafe coffee pods, consider buying several different varieties so you'll have a coffee for every occasion. Whether you like to entertain or just enjoy switching your coffee from day to day these pods are perfect for you. Because your coffee is made cup by cup, it's easy to change the flavor simply by throwing away the used pod and inserting a different flavor. Coffee pods are revolutionizing the way people enjoy their daily brew. But don't take our word for it -- order Home Cafe coffee pods for your coffee machine and see for yourself!


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