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With Lacas Passion Cafe coffee pods can enjoy fine quality Arabica coffee with no mess and no hassle. Roasted at the company's high tech facility, these coffee pods have something to offer everyone!

This company has been in the business of importing and roasting Arabica beans from family run coffee plantations since 1921 and still does today. With a variety of different coffees to choose from you'll never get bored with your daily brew. Lacas Passion Cafe offers Certified Varietals, Special Blends and Original Blends to please your palate.

You'll love the wide selection of coffee pods available from this time-honored company. There is something for every coffee preference and every occasion. The varieties available include:

100% Colombian Decaffeinated -- Enjoy the rich taste of Colombian coffee without caffeine

Breakfast Blend -- Start your day with this smooth, mild coffee blend

Colombian Supremo -- Fine Colombian coffee with a full-bodied flavor and aroma

Dark Secret -- Dark French roast with intense flavor and depth

French Vanilla -- Arabica coffee blended with delightful vanilla

Hazelnut Creme -- Toasty hazelnut meets smooth coffee in this classic flavored blend

House Blend -- A coffeehouse quality blend with complex flavor and mild sweetness

Kenya AA Estate -- Medium-bodied coffee with a balanced flavor perfect for every day

As you can see there are plenty of choices from Lacas Passion Cafe. If you live in a household with other coffee lovers everyone can have their favorite. Also you may want to have a different coffee for different times of day. Coffee pods are so easy to use with any compatible single serve coffee machine. These machines brew hot, fresh coffee by the cup without the need to measure. This means each cup of coffee is perfect, every time.

Cleaning up is also no sweat when it comes to single serve coffee machines. Just throw out the used coffee pod, wash your cup and you're all set. There are so many benefits to using coffee pods, especially if you're tired of the hassle associated with traditional coffee makers. Take a look at the coffee pod choices by Lacas Passion Cafe and discover your favorite today. You may want to order several different types so you'll never get bored with your coffee. Also these coffee pods make an excellent gift for any single serve coffee machine owner.


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