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The story of Melitta coffee dates all the way back to 1908 when Dresden housewife Melitta Bentz decided to use paper to filter out undesirable coffee grounds. This first device -- made from her eldest son's blotting paper and a punctured brass pot -- was essentially the first coffee maker with filter. Today, the Melitta company is a leading manufacturer of coffee and accessories, including a wide variety of coffee pods. These 100 percent Arabica bean Java pods are used with single serve coffee machines to produce perfectly brewed coffee one cup at a time.

You'll be amazed at the wide variety of coffee pods available from Melitta. There is a flavor available for every occasion, including:

Go Hazelnuts -- Arabica coffee infused with hazelnut flavor

French Kisses -- Rich coffee blended with vanilla and a hint of caramel

Buzzworthy -- This blend of South and Central American coffee is dark and full-bodied with intense flavor and aroma

Skip the Buzz Decaffeinated -- Pure Colombian Arabica coffee without the caffeine

A Cafe Kind of Day -- Colombian coffee with subtle flavor perfect for every occasion

Love at First Sip -- Medium-bodied coffee with a smooth finish, perfect for breakfast time

Kona -- This Hawaiian coffee offers smooth, balanced flavor sure to satisfy

Pumpkin Spice -- Arabica coffee with pumpkin spice flavor to delight the taste buds

Southern Pecan Pie -- Perfect for dessert, this smooth coffee is blended with delectable cinnamon, pecans and brown sugar with a light maple flavor

Breakfast Blend -- Light roasted coffee perfect for your morning cup

Parisian Cafe -- Smooth and smoky, this dark coffee is inspired by the cafes of Paris

Creme Brulee -- Caramel and vanilla give dark roasted coffee a rich sweetness

Decaffeinated Hazelnut -- Smooth, delicious hazelnut flavored coffee without caffeine

Vanilla Haze -- The flavor of toasty hazelnuts and sweet vanilla blended with premium coffee

The selection of Melitta Javapods ensures the whole family can enjoy their favorite coffee. If you're a person who likes trying new flavors the coffee pod system is a convenient and economical way to do so. Melitta pods are universal and fit most every single serve coffee machine. Each pod is individually wrapped in foil for maximum freshness and contains 30 percent more coffee than most other coffee pod brands. You'll see the difference the first time you try a Melitta Java pod in your single serve coffee machine. Order today!


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