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As the owner of a Senseo coffee machine you can be sure that choosing the ideal cup of coffee for any occasion has never been easier. Senseo offers a delicious range of blends and flavors with something to suit anyone. These delectable coffees are roasted by European coffee roasting experts Douwe Egberts, a company with over 250 years of experience.

If you need a jolt to get going in the morning, consider something strong and robust like Dark Roast. If dark is a bit too strong for you, there is nothing better to carry you through the workday than the smooth taste of Medium Roast. For a delicious after dinner treat, you may want to try something flavored like Paris: Vanilla Bistro or Vienna: Hazelnut Waltz. These internationally inspired coffee pods are perfect for lingering over dessert. Regardless of your coffee preferences, Senseo has the perfect cup for you. There are a variety of different coffee pods from which you can choose, including:

Brazil Blend -- Subtle flavor and a soft finish describe this blend from Sul de Minas

Cappuccino -- Frothy and creamy just like the coffee shops serve

Colombia Blend -- This strong, full bodied coffee hails from the valleys of Colombia

Dark Roast -- Smooth and full-bodied at the same time, a robust coffee

Decaffeinated -- Medium roast, without the caffeine

Kenya Blend -- Soft and sweet, this coffee has a fruity hint of flavor

Medium Roast -- A classic coffee for any occasion

Paris: Vanilla Bistro -- Vanilla caramel perfection sure to delight the taste buds

Sumatra Blend -- A blend of Arabica beans from the mountains of Sumatra

Vienna: Hazelnut Waltz -- The perfect combination of vanilla, mocha and hazelnut

Espresso -- Smooth yet strong, this indulgent coffee has a fine layer of crema sure to delight

As you can see, there is a coffee for everyone. Senseo coffee pods are for the discerning coffee enthusiast who enjoys a fine cup of gourmet coffee without muss or fuss. With so many delicious varieties available from Senseo you'll never get bored with your coffee. Whether you are someone who wants to drink the same variety of coffee each day or chooses their coffee according to what they're in the mood for, Senseo can accommodate you. Senseo coffee pods are make perfect gifts for single serve coffee machine owners and of course a wonderful treat for yourself. Choose your favorite today!


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