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As the owner of a Tassimo coffee machine you've already got an advantage over users of traditional coffee makers. This machine uses T-discs which are perfectly measured coffee pods. The machine actually reads a bar code on the label of the pod and calculates details like amount of water, water temperature and brewing time. Your perfectly prepared beverage is created using an inverse flow system that pours right into your cup. When it comes to variety, Tassimo coffee pods come in lots of different flavors for every taste.

The coffee pods compatible with your Tassimo machine are made by leaders in the coffee industry like Starbucks and Gevalia. Whether you like a classic Colombian roast or a sweet flavored coffee there is something to suit your taste. Varieties include:

Gevalia Signature Blend -- Dark and full-bodied with no bitterness, just smooth flavor

Gevalia Signature Blend Decaffeinated -- The same rich taste as Signature Blend without caffeine

Gevalia Morning Roast -- Start your day off right with this delicious dark roast

Gevalia Swiss Hazelnut -- 100% Arabica coffee infused with hazelnut and vanilla

Gevalia Signature Crema Coffee -- You get the full-bodied flavor of Signature Blend with a fine layer of creamy foam

Gevalia Espresso -- Dark espresso with slight bitterness perfect for after dinner

Gevalia Cappuccino -- Espresso with a creamy layer of foamy milk on top

Gevalia Latte -- Smooth espresso with milk for an authentic coffeehouse latte

Starbucks House Blend -- Get the taste of Starbucks coffee at home with this blend of smooth coffee beans from Latin America

Starbucks Caffe Verona -- A complex blend of Asian Pacific and Latin American coffees with dark roast blended in for depth of flavor

Starbucks Africa Kitamu -- This blend of coffees from East Africa is complex yet easy to drink, with notes of exotic florals and citrus fruits.

As you can see there is an exceptional variety of T-disc coffee pods to choose from. You can change your coffee from day to day or to match a certain occasion. With such an assortment of delicious coffees every member of your household can have their favorite. When used in conjunction with a Tassimo coffee machine these coffee pods produce perfect single servings of coffeehouse quality beverages -- right at home. So don't wait, stock up on Tassimo coffee pods today!


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