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Wolfgang Puck Coffee Pods

Take a look at the delectable range of Wolfgang Puck coffee pods, which are compatible with coffee machines like the CafeXpress Single and Dual Pod Brewers. The name Wolfgang Puck is synonymous with gourmet food, and now this culinary master has his own line of coffee pods.

You'll love the fantastic coffee pod selection available from Wolfgang Puck. The estate grown coffee will tantalize your senses no matter what flavor you choose. These coffees range from the mild Toscana to dark Provence and many others in between. Wolfgang Puck's coffee pod selection includes but is not limited to:

Provence -- This dark French roast is rich and intense, roasted in the style of the Pacific Northwest

Reserve -- This medium-dark coffee features a hint of chocolate and is Wolfgang's own blend of beans

Reserve House Decaffeined Blend -- You get the same medium bodied coffee and chocolate notes as regular Reserve except without the caffeine.

Sorrento Blend -- Grown in the Tolima highlands on a co-op, this slightly sweet coffee is medium dark with a rich aroma

Vienna -- Robust European style coffee with a toasted hazelnut flavor

Rodeo Drive -- Just like its namesake, this medium bodied American style coffee is smooth and rich

Toscana -- This blend of Ethiopian and Central American coffee beans is mild, light and smooth

Toscana Decaffeinated -- The same light, mild flavor as regular Toscana minus the caffeine

French Vanilla -- This smooth coffee is blended with sweet creamy vanilla for the perfect after dinner indulgence

French Vanilla Decaffeinated -- If you want a sweet pick me up without the caffeine French Vanilla Decaffeinated is right for you

Caramel Creme -- Smooth coffee meets rich caramel in this medium bodied blend

Hawaiian Hazelnut -- This Hawaiian style coffee is enhanced with toasty hazelnut

Hawaiian Hazelnut Decaffeinated -- Hawaiian style hazelnut infused decaffeinated coffee

Fair Trade Colombian Organic -- Rich and smooth, this organic coffee is made with handpicked beans from Colombia

Wolfgang Puck pods are the perfect gift for anyone who owns a compatible single serve coffee machine or of course as a treat for yourself. Every cup of coffee is a luxurious indulgence when it comes from this gourmet chef. Not only that, but making the perfect cup of coffee using the coffee pod system couldn't be easier. There is no mess and no hassle thanks to the perfectly measured pods.Whether you are searching for a favorite flavor of coffee or already have one, these coffee pods are sure to please!


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