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Melitta One:One - Creme Brulee Universal Java Pod Coffee Pods - 18 Count

With Melitta's Creme Brulee coffee pods you get to enjoy the rich sweetness of caramel and vanilla swirled into dark, aromatic Arabica coffee.

Melitta Creme Brulee Coffee Pods - JavapodThis coffee is delicious after dinner either with dessert, or even as dessert. Like all Melitta Java Pods, this variety is made with only the best quality coffee and each pod is individually wrapped for longer lasting freshness.

Today's innovative coffee pod systems give you fresh, hot coffee one cup at a time. Melitta coffee pods are universal, which means they fit most every single serve coffee machine on the market. Also these pods are filled with an estimated 30 percent more coffee than the competition, which means richer, fuller flavor in your cup. Cleaning up is so easy too, just throw out the used pod and wash your cup. You'll love the convenience and ease of pods, especially those as high quality as Melitta.

Place your order for Creme Brulee Javapods today and soon you'll get to enjoy coffeehouse style coffee right in the comfort of your home!


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