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Melitta One:One - Southern Pecan Pie Universal Coffee Pods - 18ct

When you savor Melitta's Southern Pecan Pie coffee it's like enjoying an indulgent dessert.

Melitta Southern Pecan Pie Coffee PodsThis premium Arabica coffee is infused with the flavors of pecans, maple brown sugar and cinnamon. Melitta coffee is some of the finest in the industry, harvested from locations renowned for their production of high quality Arabica beans. This particular blend is smooth and rich, with flavorful sweetness.

Using Melitta coffee pods is so convenient. They are universal, which means they fit most every single serve coffee brewer. Each Melitta coffee pod is individually wrapped for lasting freshness and filled with an approximate 30 percent more coffee than the other brands. All you do is insert a coffee pod, add water and press the button. Your single serving of perfectly brewed coffee will be ready in minutes with no mess to clean up.

The coffee pod system is an innovative way to enjoy gourmet coffee at home. So order your Melitta Southern Pecan Pie pods today and prepare for delicious coffee, one cup at a time.


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