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Senseo Dark Roast Coffee Pods - 18ct

Anyone who enjoys a robust cup of coffee with a strong flavor and aroma will certainly enjoy Dark Roast Senseo coffee pods.

Senseo Dark Roast Coffee PodsRoasted by coffee experts Douwe Egberts, this coffee is full of flavor yet remarkably smooth on the palate. Of course Douwe Egberts has 250 years of roasting expertise so one could say they know what they're doing.

You can be sipping on a perfect cup of Dark Roast in moments with your Senseo single serve coffee machine. Making coffee is as easy as popping in a pod and pressing a button, and cleaning up is just as effortless. Just discard the pod when your coffee is done -- with no risk of wet, messy coffee grind spillage.

So don't delay any longer. Order your Senseo Dark Roast coffee pods today and get ready to enjoy premium coffee at your fingertips!


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