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Senseo Origins Kenya Blend Coffee Pods - 16ct

Senseo Origins Kenya Blend coffee pods are filled with expertly roasted beans harvested from the hilly regions of Kenya.

Senseo Kenya Blend Coffee PodsThese particular coffee beans feature a mildly sweet flavor with a soft texture and finish. Hints of fruit give this coffee exotic allure and a delightful smooth aroma. While you might expect gourmet coffee of this quality from an expensive cafe, you can now have it at home with a Senseo coffee machine and coffee pods.

The owners of Philip Senseo coffee makers are discerning coffee lovers who want convenience. Just pop in the Senseo coffee pod of your choice, push a button and you've got a single serving of hot coffee. Cleaning up is so easy, the coffee pods are easily discarded without spillage of messy grinds.

Order your Kenya Blend coffee pods today and discover the delicious taste and pleasing aroma of this expertly roasted coffee.


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